Ivy-Jane Browne is a 21-year-old singer, songwriter and producer from Sydney’s inner-west.

Photo by James Tarbotton

Photo by James Tarbotton

Born to musician parents, Ivy grew up on the sound of Joni Mitchell, Bright Eyes and Brian Eno. Drawing inspiration from poets such as T.S. Eliot, Charles Bukowski and Leonard Cohen, she makes use of dark imagery and gruesome realism. Abundantly personal and vulnerable, her music explores the grisly aspects of human connection in a sparkly pop context.

Her debut single 'Savannah' was released in August 2018, followed by a debut music video, directed by Sydney-based director Imogen McCluskey and produced by female led team Fat Salmon. The video won best music video at Clipped Music Festival (AU, 2019), International Women’s Film Festival (2018), Sydney Lift-Off Film Festival (2018) and Moondance International Film Festival (2018). Savannah was in the official selection of International Short Film Festival (2018) and Depth of Field International Film Festival (2018).

Working with Sydney-based electronic music producer and musician Jerome Blazé, Ivy’s debut EP was released on May 31st. Comprised of four tracks, the EP is a blend of dark synth-pop and swirling dream pop. Inspired by artists such as BANKS, Vera Blue and Broods, the EP is an ode to self-awareness, forgiveness and murder.


“Ivy-Jane possesses that most remarkable of tongues, capable of manipulating the air that’s pushed through her diaphragm so that when it finally coalesces into sound, it feels as if it could repair any and every hurt you might experience. Hers is the sort of voice that can heal a knife wound, and while many of my inner circle have suggested my best course of action is simply to stop knife fighting, I maintain that the voice of Ivy-Jane Browne is my best hope of avoiding fatal injury, while still giving me the opportunity to hone my blade skills and fleetness of foot.”–Tommy Faith, Triple J & Sound Doctrine